SìCa.Re. (Integrated System of monitoring and patient care with Cardio Renal Syndrome),,it,Permanent Link to SìCa.Re. (Integrated System of monitoring and patient care with Cardio Renal Syndrome),,it,October 27th, 2017,,en,The project, funded under the European Regional Development Fund. Action 1.6 "InnoNetwork", involves the construction of a new hospital-community integration model for home care of patients with heart failure and chronic renal failure.,,it

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Il progetto, finanziato nell’ambito del Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale. Azione 1.6 “InnoNetwork”, prevede la realizzazione di un nuovo modello d’integrazione ospedale-territorio per la cura domiciliare dei pazienti affetti da scompenso cardiaco e insufficienza renale cronica.

Within the partnership, led by Item Oxygen, ApuliaBiotech will be responsible for the Design and Development of "Smart PATIENT" module, a SERVICE CENTER for the collection, processing and returning data among various medical devices used and the terminals installed in hospitals.,it

The Smart Patient module is composed of a series of devices portable, including meters supplied to the patient (sphygmomanometer, Libra, Glucometer and pedometer) and devices included in the care giver (Stethoscope, Pulse 12-lead, Vials for Smart for monitoring KIT innovative biological parameters [para-cresyl sulfate, idossilsolfato, Klotho and copeptin] predictors of cardiovascular adverse renal events, echocardiography, 3D Miniscanner for edema monitoring of the lower limbs), all interconnected using tablets in a collaborative platform for joint monitoring of some parameters related to renal function and cardiovascular risk of the target patient. Some data will be acquired daily, stable meters with the patient's home, the other at the time of the home visit the Care Giver, who also will acquire the reports of blood chemistry and instrumental examinations scheduled.,it

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