Apuliabiotech in KETs

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Skills and scientific and technological peculiarities of the territory

According to the definition of the European Commission, the Key Enabling Technologies (KET) technologies are "to knowledge-intensive and associated with high R & D intensity, rapid innovation cycles, high investment costs and highly skilled work . Enable innovation in processes, goods and services in all economic sectors and are of systemic relevance ". The Commission identifies six: micro- and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnology, photonics, advanced materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.,it

In recent months, the ART has initiated an experimental investigation, once a direct knowledge of the protagonists in the Apulia production of know-how and business that make use of enabling technologies. The survey, conducted with participatory method, as well as providing cognitive elements on the composition and potential of research and innovation Puglia, also aims to enable the Regional Administration to set new and enhanced measures to support the development of the business system Puglia in innovative and competitive key, also in view of the definition and development of its "smart specialization strategy" SmartPuglia2020.,it

Apuliabiotech appears between SMEs in the industrial biotechnology sector link

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